I cannot remember what it is like to draw one's breath for it has been over 150 years since I had done so, nor do I remember my name while alive. They now call me Zippy....wanna play?!?

While I was walking the world among the living, I was a butcher in the local meat market. One night while working late getting the meat ready for the morning shoppers, I heard a scream outside. While I went to investigate the scream, I noticed a young lady lying in the road. She had wounds all over her body. As I turned to go and notify the sheriff, I suddenly faced the sheriff, or what was left of him. He grabbed me with his cold hands. I was unable o break free of his grip. Then my ankle was grabbed by an equally cold hand causing me to trip and fall with the sheriff in tow. Then there was a horrific pain in my leg causing me to pass out, or so I thought. I do not remember how long I was out, hours…perhaps even days. When I did wake up, the hunger I felt was excruciating. It only could be temporarily satisfied with the taste of living flesh. Humans are such easy prey. For decades I roamed the backwoods occasionally snacking on the lonely hiker or camper. Sometimes, being dead is better.
I eventually found my way to Omaha, Nebraska where I was able to find shelter and comfort in a premier Haunted House. The Halloween season is my favorite as I could fit into any crowd. No one notices when a person doesn't quite make it through the Haunted House. I never hunger during this time of year. I slowly made my way to Glenwood where I was able to find shelter in another Haunted House. Fear is a place, it is called Fright Nights. Many a potential "snack" have made their way through my amazing home, an adventure they are sure to never forget. Their suffering, I assure you, was legendary. I was absent for a couple years but am now am back redesigning the next adventure.
Are you willing to come to our home? We know you are so eager to play, but so reluctant to admit it. Will you be able to find your way out? Once you come across me, you will never forget me. I do change my looks from time to time. Here are a few images taken from the cameras left behind by the living morsels who visited our home.
The sounds of screams will fill the air every weekend in October. As our cousin Vlad once said; "Such sweet sounds they make." Remember, the next scream you hear may be your own. Don't waste your tears on trying to beg your way out, tears are such a waste of good suffering. Once you come through our home, you will want to stay up late.
Zippy's back again!!!

2013 Halloween 4
2012 view 8
2013 Halloween 9